Stages Of Shopping


So what do you do when you are sad?  Add to cart. Shopping and its meaning has entirely changed, it’s not only about purchasing the stuff that we need, but more about what we desire , and there’s no end to desires .

Conventionally shopping meant , making a list of the stuff we need for a month that has to match a fixed budget , like eatables , toiletries , grocery , etcetera , it was a necessity , and occasionally if there were festivals and ceremonies like birthdays we’d stretch our pockets to  be more be extravagant as new clothes , sweets and arrangements are required and this occasional extravagance is justified and did no harm .

Shopping now vs. then

But as needs became desires people went gaga , well some say that shopping is like a therapy , every time they wear a new shoe they feel like they are on a better path , new shirt gives them a new personality , and the more the merrier , the new the better , we want to wear what our idols are wearing , we want to stand out and we work hard for that , we search for the trendiest styles in the market , then for the most updated shop , and then we have thousands of options and finally we decide , all this hard work to get satisfaction of having what we had imagined , the style we saw an actor wearing the colour that suits us the most , the fabric that fits well or feels good and the list of wants goes on .


Online shopping

But thanks to online shopping, the hard work of finding a shop and wasting a whole day of wandering from here and there has almost vanished. Now all we do is type what we want, we have millions of options, hundreds of websites, unlimited trends and styles, and then we end up buying stuff we never needed.

There’s literally everything available online , from clothes to accessories , your preferred brands , even medicine , now we get to experience the joy of shopping with minimal headache , I mean I once bought a collection of paint brush and I don’t even paint , but that’s the effect of having everything available so easily .